You Are the Gift


15th of January, 2017

I want to remind you, you are the most treasured being of the universe.

You're such a great gift and within you is a light that the world just cannot miss out on. We can't afford to have any less than your light. Don't dim you light, dear one.

But it can be hard not to at times - especially if we catch ourselves falling into the 'perfection trap'. It's so hard trying to be perfect. We get the most of our attention based on our looks. And grades/performances. The more positive responses we get from our surroundings based on our looks and the better grades we get, the more lovable we feel. Or, scratch that, it doesn't make us feel loveable. It makes us feel more worthy of being loved. 

But this is just not cutting it, sweet. You are so worthy, just because. No reason. Because you exist, you are worthy and you are loved. You are so much more than your looks and your grades. You are not what other people think about you. You are not your skin or your grades. You are this amazing, divine soul, who has chosen to experience life in your particular body - you're a divine expression right here in this physical world. How amazing is that? You chose to come here, so why not let your life be as amazing as possible?

Psychomotor Therapy is a great tool in reconnecting with your body, letting go of tension and recalibrating your nervous system. It helps you merge body and mind for a happier and more balanced you. Psychomotor Therapy takes the attention away from performance and focuses on creating a strong inner core. You really deserve to let your divine light shine ✨