Why You Never Have to, But Always Can Choose to


25th of January, 2017.

You are free.

The pure essence of your soul is freedom. You are free to let the wind play with your hair, to wear socks that don't match and to choose how you spend your time.

Do you ever find yourself saying 'I have to'? Let me whisper this in your ear - you never 'have to' do anything. You always have a choice (unless you're going to prison. Then you kinda have to go to prison.)

When we say 'I have to', we give our own power away. That phrase is loaded with so much powerlessness. Who says you have to? If you instead say 'I choose to', you bring the power and progressive energy back to yourself.

Even if it's something you don't really feel like doing, saying 'I choose to' all of a sudden reminds you, that you're the boss of you. Maybe you choose to exercise, choose to meditate, choose to go to work, to change that diaper or to return that call. Shifting your mindset to that of coming from a perspective of having a choice is so empowering. You're not stuck in a hamster wheel - you're wild, pure, free and fan-fucking-tastic! So choose and let go of the old 'have to' 😘💥💫