The Healing Powers of Nature


27th of January, 2017

I sometimes forget how much healing is to be found in nature.

Research (from Uni of Essex) found, that spending time in nature for as few as 5 minutes improves the self-esteem & mood of the individual, and the presence of water increased this effect. Double win if you live near bodies of water!

Another study from Arizona State Uni. showed that nature had a calming effect on the individual and inspired a sense of connectedness and awe —> when you spend time in nature, you’re simply much more likely to focus on the beauty and grandness of your surroundings, instead of focusing on your worries. This has a calming effect on us humans - we need to get out of our heads!

Today’s walk reminded me, that we don’t really *have to* pay endless amounts of money bags to go to various meditation & mindfulness classes & retreats all the time. We have such an awe-inspiring, valium-strength super power of calmness right at our finger tips. Or toe-tips 👣