If Your Light Falls Out of Your Mouth


24th of January, 2017

if your light falls out of your mouth
pick it up.
put it back) @nayyirah.waheed

Going through life, we can at times experience the very human feeling of being a little lost. Sometimes we can feel like watered down versions of ourselves - it can nearly feel as if we've lost our light - our unique expression of power, joy and zest for life. Whether through a difficult relationship, rejection, a stressful job, not living according to our values & dreams; that feeling of having lost our light can feel like such a hopeless state to be in.

Here's the thing: Your light is never lost. You may not be able to see it yourself right now, but I promise you, it's shining on so magnificently. Remember what a beautiful and completely divine being you are and allow yourself to feel lost at the moment. Just allow. It will pass and you will notice your own light again whenever you're ready. Just... Rediscover it. And pick it back up.

Luca Sofia Engen