Perfect Doesn't Exist


I read something today, that really got me thinking. Teachers were having trouble convincing young girls to join gym classes at school - the girls don’t wanna look sweaty in front of their class mates. Isn’t sweating one of the most natural things our bodies can do? Stopping ourselves from living life fully & doing something that’s good for us in order to keep up appearances is such a tight, tight place to be. It’s nearly impossible to breathe in that space, it’s so tight. Why are you not ok with sweat on your face?

Let me tell you a secret: You are. You absolutely are more than ok with sweat on your face and messy hair and flushed cheeks. Live. Stop looking at yourself through an Instagram filter. Don’t worry about being snapchat ready. Be REAL. That’s where life is happening. That’s where you find JOY. In the realness. Not in the perfectly curated flat lays or neatly strobed cheekbones. You are so, so much more. Don’t try to fit into that tight space, when inside of you you carry the entire universe. 

from january 31st 2017